To Private app or not to private app

Hi all!

I have an app that is for a client. It is a little system that creates and manages quotes/offer documents for them towards their own clients. This is going to be put on a subdomain of their domain. It is to be used only by them and the users/employees of that company (my client).

Now I read a lot on this forum about private apps and public apps, but I cant figure out what is the right choice.

Right now it is on “everyone can view”, but is better to make it a private app?


If you mean the option under “Application rights”, that’s the access to your app’s editor if I’m not mistaken.

Besides, if the app is only to be used by employees, then I suggest just make the homepage as a login page and restrict all other pages to logged in users by a workflow.

Here’s what Bubble does:

@Profamii Thanks for your input.

Yes, I mean in the application rights section of the settings. There I can put the app to private app, but right now it’s in “everyone can read” mode.

I have already restricted the pages to require login etc, so no others can really enter the site/system without. But as I read somewhere on this forum, that if what I see as Public apps can be edited by other users knowing the name of the app I really want to know if my app can be edited like this with having the “everyone can view” mode active and not private app.

I might be horribly misunderstanding this and just be confused :-/

You should select Private. This is talking about who can access your editor. Right now with yours as “anyone can view” means I can go look at your editor. No need for that. Private still means anyone can look at the webpage.

That was for apps on an old version of Bubble, they’ve moved on to a better method now, with the three easy to understand options: private (no others), others view, others edit.

Private still allows collaborators by their Bubble account email.

Thanks @mishav!

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