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Good domainname service

This might not be a good question here, but is there any good domain name service companies which fits with bubble?

I have contacted some companies, but they said to have domainname, I need to use their server, but I think I need to user bubble server if I keep using bubble.

I use Namecheap


You can buy a domain from many different providers. I also use namecheap. Once you’ve purchased the domain you would go to the administration section of the domain provider and point the domain to the IP addresses given inside Bubble.

To find the IP, and other records, go to the settings section inside bubble, and then select the Domain tab.


I’ve used Namecheap multiple times, and I’ve used Dreamhost multiple times. Both are great. Namecheap is a buck or two cheaper I think.

I’m setting up my Bubble apps with Dreamhost domains.

The service they have is really awesome, you can live chat with them etc.

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Thank you all.