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What should be the name server of domain name to setup Bubble?

I have almost completed my Bubble product and configured the domain name.
The mistake I did was earlier, I wanted it to be a wordpress site and feeded the name server with the Name server provided by hosting company.

Now, that the domain is hosted on Bubble, I am having a error message saying the domain name has some issues with cloudflare etc.

I wanted to clarify what should be the name server if we are setting up a domain name.

Note that I have already done the Config for AA and it’s perfect.
Now, All I need is to know what should be the name server field be filled with.

Please help me soon!


Thanks Cmarchan, - That’s done. But I assume people just buy domain name and set up A records.
The mistake I did is that I have included Name server of hosting company already.
Now, I have to delete that NS and replace it with something else. I wanna clarify which Name server to include?

Watch the video :grinning:

The video said I need to save the @ but Google domain only save my www. Anyone have the same problem?

We keep having issues with custom domains hosted on our own name servers. There are the required A records, but still bubble says “we found bad records” and complains about the IP address that is identical to the provided in the instructions

Bubble support is useless and is not willing to work with their developers to make sure it has a proper logging that actually helps to find the problem (e.g. what exactly is wrong with which IP)

Any idea how to solve this?

The weirdest thing is that 5 minutes after I wrote my previous post - the custom domain started to work! Without me changing anything on the domain side. My concern is that this glitch on the bubble side may come back at any moment :frowning: