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What should be the name server of domain name to setup Bubble?

I have almost completed my Bubble product and configured the domain name.
The mistake I did was earlier, I wanted it to be a wordpress site and feeded the name server with the Name server provided by hosting company.

Now, that the domain is hosted on Bubble, I am having a error message saying the domain name has some issues with cloudflare etc.

I wanted to clarify what should be the name server if we are setting up a domain name.

Note that I have already done the Config for AA and it’s perfect.
Now, All I need is to know what should be the name server field be filled with.

Please help me soon!


Thanks Cmarchan, - That’s done. But I assume people just buy domain name and set up A records.
The mistake I did is that I have included Name server of hosting company already.
Now, I have to delete that NS and replace it with something else. I wanna clarify which Name server to include?

Watch the video :grinning: