Google AdSense code into your app

Hi everyone,

It seems that this topic has been posted few times but it doesn’t work for me.

So I got my code from Google AdSense :

I want it to be inside my feed so I’ve selected “Annonces in feed”.

Then I’ve put it into the meta tag section :wink:

As well as in HTML element in a group inside my feed :

But it still doesn’t work and Google AdSense seems to not find me :

Is anyone can help me with that one ?

Thank you very much !

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If you can add those screenshots in English I can take a look yep

Hey Oliver !

Thanks for your answer :wink:

So basicaly the app has not been approved. Is it possible that that is because you need to log in to see the feed in my app ? And that Google does not want ad in landing page ?

did you solved this problem??? I have same problems. :joy:

Hello @ehfkdlrk19 ,

So Google AdSense detected my code after 1 long day. I did not do anything, I just had to wait.

To have ads in your app, you should first get a code to link your app to Google AdSense.
To get the code, 1st create a Google AdSense account then complete your profile and after click here :

Then they are giving you a code to paste in the metatags section :

Copy it and Paste it here :

After a day Google should detect your app.

So that part worked well for me. The thing is Google detect my app but did not accept it. I still don’t know if it’s because you need to sign in to access it or because there are dyndamics data. I’m working on it and when I will succeed I’ll write a complete tuto


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