Google Analytics event tracking


I need your help to track events using Google Analytics.

Please consider the following API connector configured:

I’m using that connector to fire an event on GA on a button click using a workflow:

So far so good? Seems so but actually there are no events tracked.

Any hint on this?

Thanks for your support,

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Where are you looking for your events in GA ?

They appear in Realtime / Events.


They don’t appear into GA real-time, neither consolidated into GA

Any hint anyone out there?

The fact that I can get it to work, and you are having issues, would make me think it is your setup.

Can you make your app public so we can have a look, or copy this bit to a new app ?

Should I share with you the project?

Yes please.

Use UTM - Google URL Builder

The issue is that &ev is expecting a number, not the text “Ok”.

I switched to a single parameter to get it working.

Tried to put page and button dynamic values in the JSON body and stopped working again. There’s anything I should know that I’m missing here?


No, nothing special.

Managed to make it work! Great!

Thanks for your support,


Does any of you know how to retrieve the CIDs assigned by Analytics (and stored in the browsers’ cookies) in order to have the correct cid values passed back with the events?

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Hi Nigel,

I’m struggling now with GA ecommerce tracking. Trying the same implementation as you suggested but can’t make it work.
May you help me?


Yes, can you post your parameters ?

Hi Nigel,

Please find below the plugin configuration:

And its implementation:

Thanks in advance,