Google API address results are not saving to the geographic location field

Problem: Most addresses in China (provided by the Google API) do not store/persist in the the geolocation filed.

Scenario: My app has a bubble-delivered Map element that allows users to set their location. Upon tapping the back button, the workflow updates the user’s location (a geographic location field type) with the Map center’s address.

Below is the default location for a user.

When I change the map center to a different address, such as Chang Ning Qu , you can see that the google API is returning the address: China, Shang Hai Shi, Chang Ning Qu, 愚园路1155-1号 邮政编码: 200031

…but the problem is that the app never writes the address to the database. However, if I copy the same address and manually copy it into the database, the data will persist.

As a sanity check, I have the user field “Location” configured as a geographic address.

As an additional sanity check, I’ve confirmed that access to location is enabled in all scenarios.

RESOLVED: ultimately, the issue was caused by the Google Developer Cloud configuration on my API setup. Specifically, the “Application Restriction” was set to “Websites,” which was probably not set up properly. By removing all restrictions, the app was able to save the address to the database.