Google asking for app verification even without sensitive/restricted scopes

I’m using basic Google OAuth to log a user in (it shares email, name, and profile picture). I have not added any scopes at all on my Google developer account.

I’m using the official “Sign-up/login with Google” plugin.

When I try to publish the app on Google developer console, it asks me for a verification process that involves restricted scopes.

Am I missing something here? I thought that without sensitive/restricted scopes you didn’t need to follow this process.

Appreciate any help on this.

did you set a custom logo? If you do you need verification even without scopes. The quick solution would be to create a new app in the google account.


Ah interesting - I did set a logo in the Google consent screen setup, is that what you mean? I suppose it’s not really needed.

Shall I try removing it and see if I can publish the web app?

This worked - I removed the logo and I can publish the app.

Thanks for the tip, great work! :100: