Google Calendar API Token Expiry

Hey guys,

I am using the API connector for Google Calendar API. The problem I am facing is that the token keeps expiring and my understanding is that by checking the “Add access_type=offline (Google APIs)” option in the API connector, that should handle the refresh token for me so I don’t run into an expired token issue - but this is not happening.

I tried checking “Add access_type=offline (Google APIs)” option, that didn’t work. I tried adding the parameters in the link as you see below as well, that didn’t work either.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Having same issue :frowning:

Hey @court,

These settings work well for me and refresh when needed:


You can adjust the scopes to meet your actual needs.

Now, you may find you have to perform the login via social if you want to modify and reinitialize the call, but the runtime tokens in your app should refresh even if the api connector shows:

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Ken Truesdale

Me too. How can i use Google Calendar api ?

If you want to use the refresh token (which does not expire) rather than getting your user to log in again …

You will need to “roll your own” set of OAUTH calls.

That way you will get back the token expiry and the refresh token.

Each time you then want to access the Calendar, you will need to check the expiry date, and use the refresh token if it has expired.

(this is very high level !)

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According to Google’s documentation, enabling offline_access should suffice. Am I wrong in this case? @NigelG Perhaps you have some more details on this.

The token can still expire offline or not.

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