Google Calendar Event to Bubble DB


I am working on a function to two way sync google calendars with a time management tool built in bubble.

I stuck at one place:

  • I can’t move the Google Calendar event dateTime format startdate / enddate to Bubble Date Datatype so I can handle that inside the tool properly.

I got the event from Google Calendar but I can’t format the time. looked for plugins or any other obvious solution but could not find anything.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks


Ok I got this.
I went to different rabbit trails but this work just fine with a plugin! Thanks for the plugin developer!

Plugin: Text to Unix

Step one it turns the text input to unix, then in second step turns the unix to date. Works perfectly.
Most importantly works nicely on backend workflows.

@jobin.blancaflor Thanks for the free plugin!


You’re most welcome