Google Calendar Plugin StartTime & EndTime & Timezone

I’m trying to set up the Google Calendar plugin for my app to create new events:

I think there is an issue with my start time and end time formats. I get a simple bubble bug message and sometimes the calendar event is created, but with the wrong time, sometimes the event is not created at all.

I looked at the Google Calendar API reference and it seems the time has to be in this format:

With hours in military format. (Google API referred to format RFC3339 and this link RFC 3339 - Date and Time on the Internet: Timestamps)

Right now I am extracting every piece from a Bubble date format, but the closest I can get is saying, HR<10, formatted as text, yes=0, no=blank, then putting the actual HR, so that if it’s under 10 a 0 will go in front of it.

This appears correctly when I put the info in a text box but it is not working for the event, I imagine because I’m using “format as text”. Unfortunately “format as number” will not let me leave a blank if the number is less than 10. It inserts a 0.

I looked at the plugin info and tried other variations but nothing is working:

  • remove Z
  • remove Z, add +00:00

Can anyone help me with the formatting?

Also, could anyone confirm if my workflow looks ok, or do I have to lead elsewhere when it is finished? I am worried my dates are not the only problem, or else my error message would refer to the dates.


Update: Now it is creating an event every time, but:

  • I receive a general temporary bug message
  • Then it creates the event, after a few minutes
  • The event is created 4 hours too early.

I am in ET (GMT-4) as I’m testing, could this relate to the issue?
(FYI, I also need the appointment to book no matter what time zone the person is in.)

Also, when I just manually type -04:00, the calendar event is created and everything looks good, but I still get the bug message:

Thanks all

Posting in case others come across this thread as I did when also working with Google Calendar’s API, which specifies RFC3339 as the date format as @jamie mentions.

I found that having Bubble reformat the date with the option of “Simplified Extended ISO” from the drop down conforms to the Google required RFC3339 standard (at least functionally :wink: )

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