GOOGLE displayes whatever page name instead of configurated one!

Hello there!

I’m in deep trouble as I don’t know what’s happening to my app.

if you google it, it comes up like this


But in settings, for SEO it’s as this

And in the index page…

I neet help to solve this ASAP pls! do you know guys what could be causing this? Maybe intercom? (as the message is Martin is sayin…)

Please, if you have any lead about what could be it, please just write it down!

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Did you change this value recently? If so, Google will take some time to update its cache. You could potentially speed this up if you have Google Search Console setup by doing a Fetch as Google. Even with this method, what you are doing is asking google to re-index this page and adding it to the queue, and so it wont be immediate.

Make sure you’ve deployed to live.

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