Google Map issue trying to show multiple markers in a many to many relationship

Hi everyone, just wondering how I might be able to plot addresses on a Google Map. I’m stuck trying to figure this out. We have Buildings and Companies in our application, where it is a many to many relationship. I have a table Company Location as basically a join table in between, where each record has the Building and the Company . From a Company detail page, a repeating group shows all Company Locations being the company’s locations/sites. So when viewing a record for 1 Company it lists all Buildings that they have a location in.

When trying to plot these on a map I’m having issues. If I put the “Type of markers” to Company Locations with the data source being Company Locations where Company = the current page’s Company, it won’t work because the “Address field” shows no fields that are an address.


It seems like the only way that works is if I pick “Type of markers” and put Buildings, then the address field lights up, but I don’t know how I would now filter it to only show Buildings that are on a Company Location that is related to the current page Company, or in some cases even further related.

Is there a way to do what I’m looking for?

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding, but why can’t you search for Company Location in the above, such that the resulting Data source looks something like the following?

Thank you! It was the “Search for Company Location’s Building” that I was missing. Knew it was something obvious!

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