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Showing map element in repeating group

In a repeating group:

So I am getting the Current Location/ Formatted/ Address into a text field. This shows correctly in the record in the database.

But when I assign that address to a Map element it does not show the marker in the correct location when the map element is inside a repeating group. Looks like it lands in Antartica and I am not testing from there (no good internet connection there).

The value in the field looks OK. I checked my receiving Group and I can display the address correctly, just won’t show in the map. Is this a bug?

Hey @mente12 :slight_smile: Can you share a link to the editor? I just tested an example and it displayed correctly in my app. If not, what is your data source for the map element’s marker address? “Current cell’s [Thing]'s [geographic address field]”?

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Yes, Current cells [thing]'s[location field]

New information.

  1. If the address comes from an input field contains format address, then it shows correctly
  2. If the address was originated using Current Location (using the computer gps system), then it does not show correctly

I am looking at the displayed content of both fields and both have the same identical address, one works the other does not.

Oh! I just realized looking at the database content that the address that comes from Current Location does not contain the JSON component. How is then achieved?

New information: I tested with current location and current location: formatted address… neither work.

Hmm… I tested this and it is working for me; is the element you’re using to display the Current User’s location (before saving it) a Searchbox Element, type: Geographic Places? Instead of an Input element, type: Address?

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Stamp Address goes into a text field, when user presses a button. The button is in repeating group.

Stamp Address’ field type is text? If so, I believe that needs to be changed to geographic address in order to then be displayed on a map.

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I am going to change that in a moment and report. But I have been using Text fields to hold addresses with no problem. But I have been using Input fields with the Format: Address in them. Which might explain why they have been working thus far.

Yes, text fields can hold addresses but if you’re using the map element in particular, I think that dynamic entry must be type geographic address. This is described in the documentation below:

“If the map is set to display a single marker, it should either be a dynamic entry, of type geographic address, or a static entry (just type an address in the input form).”

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That’s the solution, thank you so much.

Update: Ignore this below, it is not correct… I was under the wrong assumption, sorry…

What confused me was that I have successfully been using the MAKE CHANGES TO THING with address to TEXT fields and they show OK on the map maker in another area. And I can’t see the difference with what I was doing in this case. The only difference now and two different cases, I was processing them via repeating groups.

In any case, changing the field to Geographic address, did the trick.

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No problem at all! :slight_smile: And hmm, that’s interesting it was working for you when the map was outside of a repeating group. Maybe my setup is slightly different, but I just tried to recreate that using a text field with the map outside of a repeating group and got the Antarctica result.

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I am absolutely wrong about this. I had assumed it was a text field in my original work. I just checked my database type and the field was geographical address. You are correct. Thanks for the help.

Conclusion: If you want to use map makers the field has to be Geographical Address

No bug here at all…

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Oh, no worries at all! Just wanted to double-check if I was missing something (didn’t want you to have to re-set up the fields if you didn’t have to!)

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