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Map not accepting Latitude and Longitude as inputs

Running into an issue when feeding latitude and longitude coordinates into the standard Google Maps input.

Google Maps generally accepts latitude and longitude for an address input, so long as it is formatted in a handful of standard notations. Oddly, when the Bubble Map element receives that latitude and longitude coordinates for its address input, it doesn’t place a marker on the map.

When inspecting the map element, it will show “Marker address 45.01, -47.01” which is correct, but it is not actually being used for placing the marker. This is surprising since you can type this exact string into Google Maps and have it correctly place the marker, or even manually typing this string into an input in Bubble, and then using this to place the marker works, but feeding the address as a latitude, longitude string seems to not work.

Any ideas on what could be happening here and how to resolve?

Can you provide some screenshots or a link to an app where we can see the problem?

Here is a combined screenshot with a bit of commentary in red.

As far as sharing the app, happy to do that as well so you can poke around. What’s needed for this (e.g. must be deployed, change in access settings, etc). As you can guess, I’m new to sharing app with others in the forum.

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The screenshots and narrative were great, so no viewing app necessary. I think I understand your problem. The short version is that there is a solution in converting it to an address (Pick ‘Calculate Formula’ in the dropdown and then ‘Coordinates to Address’). The long version answer can be found in a thread that explains better the “why” (Saving GPS location not Address).

I believe you will find the “Calculate Formula” in the drop down at the end of your blue marker address in the screenshot. Look for something that faintly says “more” right after “Long”. If you don’t see it, click on “Long” and then click away to expose “more”. I hope that makes sense.

This worked - thanks so much for your help. I rebuilt the original entry in the map address field, starting with Calculate, then selecting coordinates to address and working from there. Thanks for pointing me to this solution.

I haven’t yet read through the linked thread that explains why, but will do since I’m curious about the behavior being different than what I would have guessed.


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There’s nothing to explain: It’s really just that the behavior is not what you thought it was.

I’m pretty sure the contextual help explains that the Marker address input takes a Geo location (address) argument and I think it goes on to mention that if you have lat/lons you can convert them using Coords to Address. (At least its explained somewhere in the docs as otherwise I would not know this.)

Hi, I have a database of 4500 orchards world wide.
using this calculate Formula based on lat/long will not result in a 100% score of 4500 addresses…
I have still 1200 without address…
My WF needs a lot of time for the calculation of the found addresses, but is ready in 1 second for the 1200 when I start the same WF again and again.
Remarkable: this is a RG with a constrain Address is empty: when I start the WF on the 1200 the WF puts something in the Address field because my RG is empty after the WF.
Reloading the page result back in a 1200 empty address fields…

Even exact the same GPS coordinates result in a positive and negative result…

How can I solve that?

thanks a lot!

anyone that can help me here?

thanks a lot for your time!