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Hello, I have set up Google Maps API so that my customers can track their driver, just wondering if anyone knows if I have the tracking set to “do every 5 seconds” does that mean that every five seconds it counts as another API call to Google? It looks like they charge quite a lot now to use their API for maps so I’m a bit concerned about what this could end up costing each month.

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This is a great question…I’ve been meaning to look up a similar question…if you have a map with 200 locations, is Evey load of the map 200 calls?

I think yes.
For every 5 seconds it will call javascript API + Geocoding API (if u show or save the resulted location’s geographical address)
So yeah long bills…

Why do you need every 5 seconds though? I would consider every 15-20 seconds to be more than enough honestly. Also, there are other APIs that are likely cheaper. Check em out!

Thanks siddharth! Wow, crazy that it costs so much then

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Yes, you are right, I can change the frequency but I still have no idea what volume we are going to have and still makes me really nervous! Do you have any recommendations for other platforms to use? Thanks :slight_smile:

But still u will get $200 relief every month as Google Maps platform provides monthly free credits

Check mapbox, there is also a plugin in the system.

I took a very quick look, but I’m pretty sure these are the prices. So… Dirt cheap, assuming you charge anything for your app. Now, those prices are per 1000… But you get up to 50,000 for free.

@cathy1 u can use
Google Maps Plus Code Plugin to track

Hi Siddharth, that looks like I would still be having to make calls to Google Maps API? I’m not sure what this plugin would give us?

Thanks Troy, I have messaged them, it does look cheap but I’m not sure that all their features are available through Bubble yet

So instead about worrying about the cost, perhaps try to confirm the profit of each trip.

Figure out how many times it should be refreshed per trip (likely per driver and per user) as a max, worst case value. Then add in any other costs you have, then derive what you need to charge.

So for instance, let’s say an API will cost you 15 cents(completely random value)…

But the trip nets you $4.00. then it’s likely worth it.

Check all your cost variables, then decide what is actually expensive and what is just the cost of doing business.

Hope this helps?

Latitude and longitude to Google Maps Plus code is absolutely free unlimited without any API keys needed to add
So if you want tracking service you would not render any cost in your Google Maps platform.
Like Every 5 seconds you can call the plugin and get the current location in the form of plus code which can easily display

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