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Google Maps API List/Repeating Group Layout

I am attempting to use the Google Maps API as a repeating group layout in order to show salons near the user. This layout was shown in the “Using External APIs” Lesson but it was specifically for Itunes. How would I make this possible for the Google Maps API?

I have attached a screenshot below of exactly how I want the screen to use. I used a prototyping tool to make the screen shot.

When you need help, it’s always a good idea to share a link to your app so that other users can look at it. Just asking “how do I” have less responses, while “what do I do wrong” is often a great way to start.

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Signup to Google Developers to get a Places API key (do a search if you are stuck, I posted instructions a few weeks ago).

Instal the Place Plugin.

Have a Repeating Group on your page, which has the “Get Google Places” API as a source. You will probably need “Nearby” and a Type.

Put a Map in the cell, single marker on the Cell’s Address.

Pull the text back in the same way.

The “Directions” part will need a bit of thinking about, but has been done before.

Link to very scrappy example