Google Places Repeating Group not showing results


I’m a total novice when it comes to programming & am having difficulties returning any results in my Repeating Group using any of the Google Places API plugins (including Bubble’s Google Places plugin, AirDev’s Google Places plugin, and the Google Maps Extended plugin by @AliFarahat ).

Basically, I’m trying to create a simple application that allows me to type in a zip code & return all restaurants with ratings of 3.5 or higher in that zip code. Given the results limits of 20 per page (60 total) with Google Places API, I’m assuming I’ll have to create filter criteria to return results of 4.6-5, 4-4.5, and 3.5-3.9 to get the majority of the results in a densely populated zip code.

Here are the steps I’ve taken so far (for the Google Maps Extended plugin):


(1) Added an input bar

(2) Selected the Content Format as address


(1) Specified Type of Content as Places Nearby Search result

(2) Specified Data Source as Google Maps API - Places Nearby Search’s results** with…

–parameter key: the Google Places API key I obtained from their site

–location: dynamically populated from the Input box

–parameter type: restaurant

**Not sure how to add the rating filter.


(1) Created a workflow to trigger When Button clicked

(2) Created a Step to display list in Repeating Group Places Nearby Search results

When I click preview, type in an address in the Input box, and click the button, no results are returned.

I’ve done the following trying to understand:

–watched the Building your first Bubble workflow, Displaying data in a Repeating Group, and Defining Types of Things videos,

–taken the Using External APIs lesson, and

–read most of the Google Places topics in the forum,

but I still can’t figure out what (no doubt basic thing) I’m doing wrong.

Might anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you in advance!

any comments on this?

Hello Chad!

I’m finding more or less the same problem with Google Places API. Have you found any solution to your problem? If yes, can you share it, please?

Thank you!