Google Places Usage

Hey y’all.

I’ve been using the Google Places plug-in to show a simple repeating group of local businesses names and addresses.

My app isn’t even live yet but I’ve been using it and my Google bill is $260? If it helps, my app is a Single-Page-App, so I’m wondering if it’s somehow running in the background constantly.

Does anyone have experience with optimizing Google Places plug-in?

Does the Google Places Plugin come with APIs to use as Data Sources?

Here’s what it looks like, I’m thinking that’s a yes?

If you use an API as the source of a repeating group then it calls a ridiculous amount of times. You should probably try to make that an action or use as an action in a workflow. then set a custom state’s value as the result of the action. Then make the data source the custom state. I had one where the company let me know we called the api 70,000 times in one week. Then we edited it to the way I just mentioned and it dropped to a few hundred.

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