Google maps extended - Unable to hide map controls

Hi Bubblers,

I am building an app where we can search deals nearby few locations mentioned in my data table. I am using Google maps extended plugin since it has little more features than original map element provided by Bubble.

I have an issue with hiding map controls like Full screen, zooming, Street View etc., I see there is one workflow action “Map controls” where we can hide them. But it is working only when there is “debug_mode=true” in URL. If I remove the “debug_mode” parameter, the map controls are visible.

Here is the SS of workflow I have added

And I don’t know but somehow I see this error on my browser’s console.

Below is the screenshot when debug_mode=true is not added to my URL


And this below screenshot is when I added debug_mode=true


Please anyone help on this.

Thanks in Advance.

  • Sam
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@sam2 Hello
How are you?

Please tell me how you made this style without places only with your marks?
I don’t have these windows “Map Controls MapsExtended A” in the bubble dashboard

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Hi @sam2 ,

Did you find a solution ?
I have the same problem : Map controls only work when there is “debug_mode=true” in the URL


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Did you ever solve this one? I’d love to ditch my map controls as well.

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You can use this CSS in the ‘Page HTML Header’ :

  .gm-style-mtc, .gm-svpc {
    display: none !important;

I found a solution. You have to change it with the workflow.


Maps Control a Maps Extended
So, you can change a lot of setups.

Good luck