Google Maps - Initial Position and Map Style not saving or updating

Hi everyone. Apologies if this is a really obvious mistake on my part (although I’m hoping it’s an easy fix). I’ve got a Maps element on the homepage of our site; I’ve set the initial location which is showing up perfectly on the Bubble Builder, as well as setting the map style to one that’s on-brand.

However, unfortunately when sharing the URL or previewing the page, the map is resorting to New York City and a default style. I feel like I’ve tried everything and spent a copious amount of time trying to tweak the settings - but to no joy!

To confirm, I’ve double and triple checked I’ve enabled the necessary API’s on Google Console, correctly. As well as following the API key instructions as per Bubble’s manual. Billing details are up to date and live too on Google Console, which I realised was a common cause of issue.

If anyone has any pearls of wisdom or advice here, it would be much appreciated - thanks!

Hi Datebible,
I don’t have any experience with using googles map on my site. I’ve learned that most of the time if you want the information to save, it requires a database file for that item. The information, in your case the location, needs somewhere to save. Otherwise, refreshing the page will reset the location. Hopefully, someone more knowledgeable on this topic and feature can help, But this was just my thought process. Sorry, I’m not much help, I’m also new to the learning of bubble.

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