Google Maps violation


I just received an email pasted bellow from google telling me my usage of Bubble violates their terms. Unfortunately the bubble support responded since they did not send the email, they won’t help me. But all I did was follow bubble instructions and use basic location searchs.

did anyone get the same problem ?

(by the way VERY disapointing answer from bubble support)

Dear Developer,
We are happy to see developers using Google Maps Platform Services. However, we recently detected that your Google Cloud/API Project Workgoodly (id: workgoodly) could be scraping data from our Google Maps APIs in violation of Google Maps Platform Terms of Service Section 3.2.3.

We work hard to build and maintain high quality data for use in our Google Maps APIs. Scraping, building databases, or otherwise creating permanent copies of data from our Google Maps APIs is strictly prohibited by both the Google Maps Platform Terms of Service and the Google API Terms of Service.

We have restricted your use of the Maps API for 24 hours as granted by the Google Maps Platform Terms of Service Section 5.1 and Google APIs Terms of Service Section 8.a, due to non-compliance with Google Maps Platform Terms of Service Section 3.2.3.

Your previous access to the Maps API will resume in 24 hours, however if your projects continues scraping activity after regaining access, we will suspend it. If you believe this restriction of resources was applied in error, please submit an appeal. Please note that you must be logged in as the project owner to access the appeals page. For more help on submitting an appeal or to learn more about the process check the Policy Violation FAQ.

A) You are scaping data from Google Maps.

Stop it. And just store the Ids.

B) You aren’t scraping data.

Appeal. In my experience Google are pretty good if you appeal with some evidence.