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Google not lisitng Dynamic Pages

I two or so weeks ago launched a site called and I’m still only getting two pages listed on Google when there should be 30+ /skin pages linked (p.s. the sitemap page listed on Google is my attempt to get Google to notice all the skin urls on top of the “SEO & Metatags” sitemap setting feature Bubble created):

The problem is, it’s only listing my index page and sitemap page (I literally created the sitemap page yesterday and it’s already ranked). Google and other search engines are skipping the 30+ skin pages I’ve created. Can anyone help here? Here are my current seo settings:


I would double check that for dynamic pages your SEO holds - look at the html source via your browser to see if it’s in there. I tried this before and ran into a problem in that none of the dynamic variables were passed to SEO for dynamic pages - which the bubble folks are adding a fix for.

Yeah on my end everything looks to be correct. On the homepage (img below) the skins have href tags going to the actual skin:

And the meta keywords are exactly how I want. It’s just Google isn’t listing the 30+ skins I’ve created for some reason. They only want to list the index and sitemap page. Are you saying you are seeing the same problems or it’s just your keywords aren’t showing up on your pages?

Ah - yes - I looked at your site in my browser and all your keywords look set right.
On my pages since they are dynamic I can’t get the dynamic variable set right seems you have :slight_smile:

Have you tried to look at your site with Google Search Console to see what it looks like when google looks at your site?

I figured it out yay! I went to the search console tool like you recommended, went to “Crawl”, “Fetch as Google”, listed one of the skin urls, selected “Request indexing”, and finally selected “Crawl this URL and its direct links”. That seemed to do the trick. All the links are now listed on Google. Yay!

Thanks for the help John.


Awesome hope it helps folks find all your skin listings!

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