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Google Place + Images to store in a Location

Im trying to create a web application that would allow me to document a vacation. Id like to be able to add name, location, comments, pictures (through apis from insta and fb) to an item to then plot of a google map.

Right now, Im struggling with Google Place api with an input item. Does anyone have an example of how to use this that I could follow?

I would advise you to present in a new page of the public app ( what you try to achieve so we can help the best we can.

Do you mean something like a map on one side and a list of your locations on the other one ?

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Do you really need the google place API ? You can enter an address in an input field and then use this in a “Geographic Address” field which works very well.

Thats currently what I have. A user has to input the name and then the address, which is a geographic address. My issue is that this takes additional steps. I would like the user to just type the name and then be able to figure out the address for it and store it in my data. Currently, they would have to look up the address in google and then enter it in a field, which seems excessive.

Im just looking for an example of using the google place api.

OK, the thing to bear in mind is that the result from the Google Places API is a list, you would either need to do a :firstitem or put it in a search box if you are looking for a single address to pull out.

But it works well enough

Set up the Plugin, and put the input into “Query”. The Radius part is not mandatory, but I ended up with a lot of SoHo NYC rather than proper :slight_smile: Soho in London !

Im going to be honest, I still can’t get it to work. I feel like I have what you have in your screen shot, but when I ‘Preview’ the page, nothing shows up in the text field. I added a screenshot. Is there anything I need to do with the google API key?

You will need to add a Google API Key.

And then set up a project.

Still no luck. Added the API key in the Plugin tab on the side. Ive replicated what you have. Could you maybe show me what yours look like in ‘Preview’ mode?

Im a little confused how the text field is supposed to update when you enter a value in Input K.

Thank you for all your help.

The Text Field just updates as you change the input.

Here is it working in the public forum app.

I have show both the “raw” text output (you could limit this using a : first) , and also how how display it in a repeating group.

Hope that helps.

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Got it to work. Thanks a TON for your help!

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which API key do I need from Google, there are several Google Places APIs, I have used the web service one and still no luck

Google Places API for Android
Google Places API for iOS
Google Places API Web Service

here is link:

There is a group called ‘Google Places API Location [TEST]’

I’m using Google Places API Web Service and it works

Yes, that is the one I am using.

that’s the one that I am using also…and still can not get it to work…

I have a input field and a text display that get the Google Places’s Address, but I am getting an error to “remember to fillout Location”, even after I point the value of the input field this doesn’t work…

how does the Text display know what address to get? Should there be a link between what is being typed in the input field and what should be displayed in the Text field below that?


so it turns out that I was missing the ‘query’, which wasn’t on the screen prior, until I selected a different Search Type and then selected Text Search again the Query field appeared…

so here is something interesting…

It has now decided not to work…

The Google usage graph shows client errors every time I run a search…

and the inspect tool shows an empty result

even though there is a value in the search field to search for…

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I have used the G-Places API Key from the forum app and my app has worked…

and I am not sure what the problem is with the API key I generated…

I created a Google Places Web Service API, created a project, listed the URL that would be sending requests.

is there anything else I have missed?

do you have a screenshot perhaps to see how you set you API Key on the Google end?

the forum app version has stopped working now…

is there a limit on how many searches you can do?

Yes, there is a limit on searches.

The Places API in the forum app wasn’t working, so I put mine back in and it works.

There are two API keys. Browser allows you to limit by URL. Server by IP address.

Not quite sure what you are search for in Places, but the Query is what you are searching for in Text search…

…Not the address. Here I am search for Verizon in DC. That is the TEXT search. If you want all places near somewhere that is the Radar/Nearby.