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Google Sheet/Blockspring Send Data

I currently have a Google Sheet with the following columns:

  1. Customer_No
  2. Customer_Name
  3. Customer_Address

I am able to read the data with Blockspring and display the data into a Repeating Group container. However, now I want to be able to click on a link to open a page to display the customer details. I am unable to send data from the current page (Repeating Container) to the new page. Also, I would like to click on a link to open a new page to show the address on a map. I am also unable to send the Read Worksheet Customer Address to the new page.

I noticed that the data from Blockspring do not have a Type. Could that be the problem?

Appreciate any advise on this.


A useful way to think of pages are as completely separate apps, that don’t know much about the prior page. (Glossing over a whole heap of other details that are kept persistent).

Data is normally passed from one page to another on the URL path or the URL parameters … for example, if you pass a Customer to a page, the URL shows the Customer unique id, and the next page can look that up in the Bubble app’s database.

So your basic non-complex options are:

  1. Store the data into the Bubble app’s database, by defining a data type, and using Create a thing, etc. Or …

  2. Instead of another page, show a hidden group or popup that can be passed the details directly.

There are other options that would require hacky workarounds, like cookies, session variables, browser storage. Hopefully you won’t need to use those.

Good luck!