Google Sheets Front-End

Looking to build a front-end to a Google Sheet. Basically, have a large table of data that is difficult to edit because it has several columns with large amounts of text.

Ideally a form which I can design (with validation and prompts) would be a much better experience for our team. This will be an internal tool.

Can this be done using Bubble? Are there any freelancers who can do this for me?

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Hi Varun,

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Your use case can be easily built on bubble. You can either use the API connector or Zapier to connect with Google sheets. I can help set this up for you if required. I am available at or @anilamesur on skype in case you want to take this offline.



Have you considered simply using a Google Form? Not a lot of control over the layout but decent looking with some field validation. And if you have a business G Suite account, there’s also Google’s App Maker (marketed as “low code” - not “no code”).

It can be done in Bubble, but it’s not necessarily trivial, depending on the type and amount of validation. Since it’s an internal tool and you’re willing to pay a freelancer, I’m wondering if a Google solution might be worth considering.

Hey @varun,

Everything my fellow bubblers said is true. But you need to provide us with more information if you want specific advice On your use case. This community has a lot of great developers that you should leverage even if it’s for a short talk as a consultation.

Hello All

Sorry for the late reply. Let me give some more details of what we’re looking to do.

What I’m looking to create is basically similar to what softwares like Access/Filemaker provide. The backend would be Google Sheets. The frontend would be an web-app made using Bubble.

It would be a CRUD front-end, so that I can add/edit/remove the underlying table in a well-formatted form.

Hope that’s clear.


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So you don’t want/need to store any data in Bubble at all? You wish to use Bubble only to create a UI and some validation for a Google sheet data store?

Trying to the exact same thing. I think bubble is great platform for development on the front end, but I would to manage my own database either in AWS or Google Sheets…the bubble db is way too pricey and restrictive.

Hi Varun, did you find a solution?