GPT-3 API to Bubble integration

Has anyone hooked up GPT-3 to Bubble yet? Is it even possible?

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Do you have any details on the API docs?

I don’t have access yet

I do a lot of creative mucking about with OpenAI’s machine learning toys, but haven’t requested access to GPT-3 API.

I’m sure the interface is pretty simple and that - if you did have access - you’d be able to connect quite easily.

Related: Here’s the best thing I’ve made in collaboration with OpenAI Jukebox:

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oh wow, how I missed the signup. They no longer accept new sign ups for private beta

GPT in French is “Jay Pay Tay” = which means “I have :wind_face:ed”

NigelG - always addin’ value :slight_smile:


It’s possible, I did with it and made a tutorial on how to integrate the API with bubble: (Paid Tutorial)


I’ve managed to use @campbellinvestment’s approach to get GPT-3 to work with Bubble.
Just a basic prompt for now & are figuring out the complexities.


Just listening to it now. GPT-3 in Bubble is… wow.


Can people that have access to GPT-3 invite others? or is access completely closed?

Yup. I now have to learn more of Bubble so we can use this as to rapidly test prompts in the API before throwing them across to our development team for full service development.

Sorry Marius, access is under OpenAI’s control.

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Hey All
thought you’d be interested to know that we have launched Open AI plugins (one if you have your own keys, and the other is using our keys) - learn more in this thread: 🧠 Artificial Intelligence by OpenAI GPT-3 - New Plugin from Zeroqode

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