Graphing Items Not in a Database

I’m pulling JSON elements into a repeating group - so nothing is being stored in a database. On those elements I’m doing calculations (i.e. API result *2).

What I’m looking to graph are the results of these API calculations, not stored in a database… Does anybody know how to do this?

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I haven’t tried to do this before. I would guess that you could simply set the data source as the Repeating Group’s List of Things. Any chance that works?

That doesn’t seem to work - because the “thing” of the repeating group is the API call

No, that’s not the why of it. I looked at your editor. Don’t get confused by the wacky naming conventions that happen with API Calls. Your data source for the “Calls” RG is that Yahoo API call. It really does return a list of things. The data type of those things is “Date-specific API Call call”. Don’t get spun by that. That’s how an RG should be.

Now, of course that’s not a primitive data type. However, there are many many lists sub to that that would be lists of various native data types. For example:

The RG’s list of Date-specific API Call call’s volume might be a list of texts or a list of numbers (depending on how you configured your API call – you would want those to be numbers of course to graph them).

In fact, when I logged in I saw that the issue checker was throwing an error about the fact that you were trying to graph a text rather than a number. That’s not there now so perhaps you got this sorted, but what I note above is your issue.

@Keith - Gotcha I think I’m getting close… but this isn’t getting to the core issue I’m facing.

For example - I’m looking to multiply “API Call call’s bid” * 2. This result is what I’d like to graph…
However in the graph menu under “value expression” they’re just sub-things of my type…

I made changes to my editor to reflect what I mean…

I’m not super-familiar with the Line/Bar Chart Element, but don’t you just want your value expression to be: Current point's bid * 2 ? Please note that you can construct that just fine in the expression field:

(Click “bid” - you’ll see a [More] button… click that, select * then type the number “2”.)

Got it… Yea I was using the *2 as an illustration… I will need to do more, complicated computations using numbers not in the “thing”…

I more would like to refer to an element within a repeating group…

You don’t need the RG of course. Just shove the data in a custom state anywhere on the page and do what you need with it.

(Though RGs are of course very helpful in visualizing results of data calls and in working out your operations.)

If you have to do iterations (loop over your data), you may need to do a little JavaScript or use the list item expression element in the Toolbox plug-in.