Grid for general availability calendar


I’m building a two-sided marketplace for guitar lessons. My teachers will need to be able to show their general availability for lessons on their profile pages. I would like to build something like this.

I think the best way to approach it is to have a bunch of conditionals. The teacher will be able to give a “available” or “not available” for each slot. Then either a tick or an “x” will show up depending on their choices.

HOWEVER, I do not know how to create a grid that clearly divides up the time slots. I suppose you could potentially have 4x7 individual square shapes and have a border on each of them…but this seems wasteful.

Any ideas?

@alexcooney5 this seems to be 4 horizontal RGs (one per time slot)

Days of the week are defined as numbers: 0 (Sunday) to 6 (Saturday). Therefore in each RG you would have cell 1 = Sunday, cell 2 = Monday etc.
You could have a data type TimeSlot attached to User, along with workflows when checkbox is checked/unchecked to save the User’s availability to the DB

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Thanks @ambroisedlg :smiley:!

I’m a little confused by data types within data types. Is it better to create 28x separate fields (4x slots * 7 days) within the User data type or to create a completely new data type (i.e. availability) and have everything within there?

Hey @alexcooney5

It’s much better to have a new data type. You can have a look at @boston85719’s demo here:

It will give you a good starting point to structure your data and set your RGs

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Will do, thanks again @ambroisedlg!