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I’m trying to build a menu that opens horizontally like the one found on, however i cant seem to get it to work right.

I can animate it to slide out in a nice fashion, but clicking the menu button again just opens the menu again rather than animate it closed. I’ve tried a workflow to only run when group focus is visible and animate it closed but this isn’t working. Clicking off the now visible group also doesn’t animate, it just ‘hides’ which doesn’t look very sleek.

If anyone can help that’d be appreciated,

Group focus automatically hides when you click outside (reference). If you would like custom animation to show/hide, you can consider a regular group and then toggle with animate actions.

Thanks Neerja, is there any way of making a regular group hide when I click outside - similar to a group focus?

You can mix your regular group with a positioning plugin like this, and act on it. Testing paid plugin for one day is 4$/30days. You can also have fake empty groups around your menu, and then use condition like ‘When focused’ then hide your menu. Others will have other idea! :slight_smile: Have to agreed that their menu is great (

You can also buy nice Menu plugins too:

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