Group Focus issue

Has anyone else experienced this issue? My GroupFocus is positioned in centre of page, I see it in the correct position. However, when I preview it always jumps to top left. Once or twice is has displayed in the centre so this makes me think it’s a bug?

I reported a bug related to how GFs behave in edit mode, but I haven’t yet heard back. If you’re experiencing issues with GFs on the rendered page, then perhaps a bug report is warranted.

Ok cool. Yes in edit mode the GF is always in top left so very hard to align with guesswork.

Is the parent element visible?

Yes, I think I have found the issue.

I had a single “Do when true” function which showed two GF elements. The workflow had two steps to show each element. However, when I created two separate “Do when true” functions and only had one step in each workflow it worked. I am guessing this is a bug because I can’t see a reason for this behaviour.

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