Group focus fit width to content

is there plans to allow group focus to fit width to content? a little frustrating to have to set a set width that wont match the responsiveness of everything else around it. unless there is a trick i need to learn.

also being able to tell one element to be the same width of another element through condition. not sure if thats possible.

thanks for the category change, i didnt know how to change it when i realized what the green square meant.

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I need this too, a fit ‘width to content’ option for focus groups

You just need to add some custom CSS with an HTML element. Add an ID to the element and use a dynamic expression with the parent group’s width.

    #elementID {
        width: (Parent group's width)px!important

ok ill look into that, thanks!

Hey @ladd0393 that looks great, but how do you do that dynamic expression? What’s the actual CSS syntax to reference parent group’s width?

If you use an HTML element on the page then you can put Dynamic Expressions in the lines of code, so you can reference it directly.

Hey @johndurso @ksplinter007 , I made a video a while back addressing a similar issue that should be helpful.


i appreciate this thank you

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beautiful! Thanks

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