Group focus getting cutoff on page

Hi I’ve been stuck on this for a while and would love some help! I have a floating group, with a repeating group inside. Inside the repeating group, each row has a reusable element, which is a Icon that when clicked shows a group focus to copy or save the text in the repeating group. My problem is this group focused appears to be fixed, how can I make it responsive so it doesn’t get cut off by the screen, thank you in advance!

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I am having the exact same issue at the moment.

Did you find a solution?

@bonjour_17 this is why I have been asking Bubble since the release of the flexbox responsive system (some 18-24 months ago now) to add a feature to allow us to dictate if the group focus should be aligned to the bottom or the top of an element conditionally or at least give us in the conditionals a property to change being the offset values…Still they have not done so.

In the meantime, you’d likely need some custom code to do that, because the issue is that this group focus is in a repeating group and the last entries in the RG are near the bottom of the page…you could also have two versions of the group focus and conditionally show them and just have different vertical offset values for each.


Having the same issue here – and support with the code needed to fix this?

Can’t believe this is still an issue! I use Group Focus heavily for small contextual menus and they’re constantly being cut off like this. Would love control over the offsets in conditionals.


Having the same issue and have been unable to fix it using forum solutions so far… the only fix for now has been to change the height/width but that’s not the idea and I couldn’t get it to work with a right-aligned object. The group focus gets lot off to the right.

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Same here. Seems an obvious functionality to have.