Group focus responsiveness in floating group

Hi I’ve been stuck on this for a while and would love some help! I have a floating group, with a repeating group inside. Inside the repeating group, each row has a reusable element, which is a Icon that when clicked shows a group focus to copy or save the text in the repeating group. My problem is this group focused appears to be fixed, how can I make it responsive so it doesn’t get cut off by the screen, thank you in advance!

That’s correct, and there’s no built-in way to dynamically reposition Group Focus elements.

One way is to add some space (such as a large bottom margin) at the end of the scrollable content. In your case, you might get by with adding it to the Repeating Group itself. The idea is to enable users to scroll beyond the last element, thereby bringing the full Group Focus into view.

I sometimes use horizontally arranged icons with tooltips for my contextual menus, which avoids the issue altogether…


Just wanted to add that you could also have the GF appear at a different location, such as alongside and centered relative to (or bottom-aligned with) the trigger element. That’s assuming of course you have some room at the top and won’t run into a similar situation with the first item in the list.


Amazing! Thank you for taking the time to help me out :pray: