Group Focus Hiding Unexpectedly on Searchbox Action

I am having an issue where whenever I click on a value from a searchbox dropdown the groupfocus closes instantly. As you can see the screen recording below, this only happens for 2 of the 3 searchbox inputs contained in the group focus. I can’t seem to figure out why this is happening. Any advice?
Thank you!!

Yes, it’s closing because YOU’RE TELLING IT TO. Figure out what you’re doing wrong. That’s the advice. Don’t be thinking this is someone else’s bug. It’s surely yours. That’s all.

Yes I’m definitely aware that I’m doing something wrong, but after staring at this for several hours, I can’t figure out what that is. … Hence why I’m here.

Well then. Give people the information they need. Your original post just tells us you’re doin’ it wrong. It tells us nothing of WHAT you’re doing. If you want someone to tell you what you’re doing wrong, you need to show them what you’re doing. In Bubble this basically means exposing your editor, sad as that may be.

Hey there,

Yep 100% need to have screenshots, loom video or even better, shared editor. Something does look off. Without seeing the workflow actions and events, maybe try:
Workflow Event > When x searchbox value is changed, show focus group (this is more of a workaround, the correct workflow sequence)

That work around totally worked! Great idea! Thank you

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