How to set a workflow for Group Focus in repeating group

Hi guys !

Would need some help regarding a group focus insertion into a repeating group (Cf. screenshot).

Apparently, it’s impossible to directly set a focus group into a repeating group.

Thus, I’ve chosen to set a reusable element, but I can’t have a correct workflow then.

For instance, when clicking on “Delete”, it’s supposed to trigger a pop-up and then delete the row.

Any idea please :slight_smile:

@JBG It can be done.

  1. Create the popup that you require in the reusable element.
  2. Assign a type of content to the reusable element. For example if the RG is of User table, assign the reusable element a User type.
  3. In the RG where you’ve placed the reusable element, put the data source of the reusable element as current cell’s user.
  4. In the workflow where you want to delete the User, delete Reusable element’s User.

Hope it helps!

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Hi Sharma,

It did work, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I’m adding a very useful video for those who face the same issue !


Thanks for the mentioning. Happy that my video is helpful :wink:

Made my day :wink:

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Video is private


Can you make this video public? I’m having the same issue. Thanks!

@trwengineering I’m sure you figured it out already but for others who find this thread here is an example to study to see how it is put together :slight_smile:


@JBG can you please make the video public ? Thank you