Group Focus visibility while pressing inside it

Hello, I would like to get a quick tip:
I have a custom dropdown - purpose of it when I press on button it opens me GroupFocus menu, then in that menu there are 6 more custom GroupFocus elements. Each I press it opens GroupFocus A (A, B, C, D, E, F lets call like that) and inside GroupFocus A element there is RepeatingGroup in which I put data (from list of text). I use workflow when I press Group inside RepeatingGroup it puts value to the state, but if I press on the border of repeating group it closes me GroupFocus menu and GroupFocus A goes to top left corner. Since my GroupFocus A is a multiselect custom dropdown, when I choose value inside it I do not want to close it, neither GroupFocus menu and when I accidently press on border it shouldnt close it too.

can you record your screen or send your page url so we can get a better understanding?

Recorded, you can see, when I press on repeating group border inside of groupfocus it disappears, I bet that I do not need to use GroupFocus in GroupFocus

I think I am having a similair issue. I have a reusable button element that opens a group Focus with a custom dropdown (but the same issue with normal dropdown).

When I select an option from the dropdown, the group focus closes, before any workflow has run on the save button. My dropdown also has a repeating group setting states.

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