Using Group Focus

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to use Group Focus. I’m trying to make a simple dropdown when a user clicks on a menu and I tried using a floating group but that didn’t work out because I couldn’t click outside of the group to close it. Group focus is supposed to work for it, but I can’t figure it out. When I click on conditional and tell it to do something once the text is pressed it doesn’t give me the make element visible option? I clearly don’t know how to use it and the documentation isn’t very helpful.

I can offer my help. Check out this course (Free) and see lecture 10 (my apologies on the video quality of the first Section (lectures 2 thru 16)

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Vega!! You are a good man! Thanks for sharing this video with me and all your lectures. I’m totally going to check them all out. Thanks!!

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@edgar, instead of using the Conditional tab, use workflow.

1 - Click on the element that should open the GroupFocus, then select Start/edit workflow.

2 - Select Element Actions > Show

3 - Select your GroupFocus element in the Show property

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Maybe this could help !