Group Height based on visible content inside


I would like to change my group height based on what elements in that group are visible in given moment.

For example:
There is a group with button “Upload Photo”. When the user uploads the photo it’s visible in that group so other content should “go down” on the website because group is higher now (perviously it was just a button so group was pretty short).

How can i achieve that?

Group will automatically adapt height to the content. Ideally,you should use Collapse group when hidden and also use the minimal size of content that you need and let element increase if needed (example: text element). If content is bigger, the group will increase in height.

I’m using “Collapse group when hidden”. Unfortunately, group doesn’t make its height shorter on “Preview”.

If you can share editor link in view only mode, it will be easier to help. Or some screenshot of your current settings

<app sharing link shared below, no need for screenshots anymore>

What I think is that you actually have something else that take the space between the publish button the rest of the group. It can be an hidden element, that is not a group, and so, doesn’t collapse.
Example, you have a text input, do this text input is inside a group, this group is set to collapse height when hidden and you hide the group and not the textbox?

Also, are groups stacked or overlapping?

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Maybe it will be better if i just share edit link with you.


Example with your app: Input ThreadPic is not inside a group. Put it inside a group and instead of hidden the Input ThreadPic, hide the group. Set the group to collapse when hidden. Do that for all your inputs.

Also, you should only have one button (the last one) Publish. You should put the button inside a group too. This will automatically take place under the visible group.

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Done but still no success.

Also, stack them like the other post recommend.

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Done on “test2” subpage - works now. Thanks :-).

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