Group management from sidebar

One of the things I find difficult about Bubble is group management. Often, I will create an object but wish to move it to a different group without moving its position. In design applications, this is possible from the sidebar. Gif in Sketch below.

Implementation of this would allow powerful interactions and organization. Especially for apps made for mobile, where everything is state based on a single page, and the layers add up!

Would love to be able to do that with elements here!


+1, have found myself really wanting this type of layer management! Would be a real time saver.

I’m going to pop this back open.

Is there a way to move an object from one group to another? Copy/paste doesn’t seem to want to do it.

When you are working with long pages manipulating groups is tough - am I missing something?

It seems like you can only paste back into the same group or outside into the page itself, right?

I used to find this a bit challenging, but so long as you use the menu items, you should have no problem moving / copying objects between groups. Don’t attempt this with keyboard shortcuts - those won’t work well.

Also make sure you are selecting the appropriate destination group correctly before applying the paste step.