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Tip on moving an element from one group to another

I have struggled on this point earlier and had not got a solution on forum. I have a solution now, so posting it in case it helps others.

While moving an element from one group to another, the method that is typically known is drag and drop. Easier would have been if we were able to move elements via the element tree that is shown on the left side. But that’s not possible.

The drag drop method works fine, but in some cases it is really difficult to use, e.g.

  1. When the target group is very small or is not easily visible because of being transparent, or

  2. Sometimes when target group is lying above the element you want to move. Then when you try to click the element, you end up clicking the group. If you hide the group to select the element, then you can’t move the element to the group with drag-drop as it is hidden now.

So, the solution is to “Cut the element (ctrl x) and select the group you want it to be moved to, and then do the ctrl-v”. Now the element goes and sits nicely inside the target group and you can move it around.

I made a quick video to show what I am trying to say.

Hope it helps.



This just saved me huge headaches after having tried numerous times to do this via the Element Tree and being unable to (the most sensible place, IMHO, where this should be possible). Thank you so much, @mghatiya!

That said, one caveat is that you need to be careful to copy with workflow, and this will not always work as expected for plugins (at least those not made by Bubble).


Thanks for pointing that out @rr1
Yes, I had realised it later.

For very long time I used to think it was not possible in Bubble and thought that Bubble should keep workflows when we do cut-paste. It is not very intuitive for a new person that there is a different action for keeping workflows while doing copy-paste.

Actually I still think that when we do cut-paste, workflows should be retained. When we do copy-paste it is still understandable if workflows don’t get copied.

Thanks! You saved me a headache!

Thank you for doing God’s work! I struggled this for way longer than what I might admit. :expressionless: