Group reset in editor on page change

Does anyone know if there is a way to stop the editor refreshing when i switch pages, currently every time i switch between pages in the editor it closes all of the groups. So i have to go back through expanding the groups to get to where i left off.

this is super annoying when you want to quickly switch back and forth between to pages in the editor

Can’t you just use 2 separate tabs, and keep then both open (one for each page)?.. that’s much quicker and easier than keep loading a new page in the editor…

I was concerned that this would effect the ability to save, one change could be overwritten by something on another tab

I’ve never experienced that (or heard of it happening)… I regularly use multiple tabs when I’m working in an app (I’m sure most people do)… the only issue is how much memory your computer has… the more tabs you have open the more memory you’ll be using and more likely to crash… but 2 or 3 tabs has never been an issue for me.

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