Grouping two groups into one parent group has deleted one of the groups - huge problem

I have grouped two groups into one and one of them deleted itself. The group is a very complex table element and is now gone. The history is empty. I need your help! I have contacted the support but I would like to know what my chances are. The table element took probably 8h of work already and I have no savepoint to jump back to…

In the picture inside Group CONTENT was a Group Filter (what you see) and another Group Table (which is gone). In order to make a reusable element I grouped them into a coloumn group (as always) but than 20 errors appeared and an alert came with “we have trouble … please reload page” … and now the go-back in history button does not change anything back…

Any chance I can get it back?

Did you already try to go back 10 minutes from now?


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Wow learned something new today. Thank you so much!

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