Guest User Best Practice

I’m wondering what the normal way of having “Guest Users” is…
If I want people to use my app as “Guest” users, ie without creating an account…can I just use a workflow step that logs the user in with a “Guest User” profile (Email = and a Password that I store in a tblAppSettings in a field called GuestUserPW and then, if they create any transactions, get them to put their own name and email in later so I can send them receipts etc? Or is there some other better way of doing this?

Great question!

Definitely do not store passwords in a field of your own creation. Bubble has a built-in field for that with special properties that helps prevent data breaches.

Will your guest users be visiting your site more than one time and you’re needing to store information about them somehow from visit to visit, or will they visit your site once and you’re needing to create a temporary shopping cart across pages?

Thank you. I figured I never want to store passwords…

I want to offer people the opportunity to use the app without having to create an account so that they can see what it does. It’ll cost marginally more to buy things through it if they do but hopefully they’ll realise that creating an account is a good way to go…I guess they might use it more than once.

If they do use it as a guest, I capture and email address and a name from them and, of course, if they buy anything they have to enter card details so I do get their information…just not as an account that they can log into on a repeat basis.

This is all new territory for me so I’m not really sure where to go with it.

Just create an account for them then and have them fill in their own password

You can create the account with their name and email and use your own password. Look around for forum posts on the subject.

If you don’t want the account to exist if user doesn’t buy anything then you should tiger a wf X days after the account is created that see if an order is made and if not deletes the user (otherwise user will have trouble becoming gues if email exists in system)

If your guests are coming from the public, meaning not invite only, you could also create functionality on your app that doesnt require a valid login - and put advanced features behind login-required conditions.