Guide on how to create an app like TikTok

The advancement in technology has resulted in a reduced focused time span for any individual. Due to this reason, TikTok has created havoc in the video-sharing Industry with a small video format (Maximum 1 minute) majorly for the purpose of entertainment.

Need a guide on how to create an app like TikTok Easily.

Bubble is not really optimal for this as it supports only absolute positioning (and no design constraints) and therefore is not optimal for more complex mobile interfaces. A TikTok clone on bubble will likely not be as smooth as the real thing (probably by far). Also, creating the whole content logic part behind tiktok (i.e. analyzing what is in a video and then identifying what videos to show to each user etc. is a pretty tough data science task if you want to do it well…)

In any case, our template ( includes a very basic tiktok like video feed (just a simple video feed, without all the intelligence behind it). See here for an impression: [New Template] Mobile UI components library

Important: The template uses paid plugins (see documentation for more details:

But does it support WibbleWallet? I have 8 billion Quatloos in my WibbleWallet and I’m looking for a place to spend them. :man_shrugging:

I want to know how to create that app, where it is.