Tiktok like app but more minimalistic ^^

i wanna do a video app (Like tiktok but more minimalistic)

Without Videoediting.
-User can upload videos. Maybe automatic atersign on videos
-User Profiles
-Hashtags for videos & searchfunction

How hard is this

I saw there is a free template and 30$ template.

Do you think the free one is enough and i can modyfy

You’re going to have to be more specific, but yes, you can use Bubble to create all the features you’ve mentioned.

Thx Ruke!
I started to build.
Are you good in bubble? looking for a pro that can implement features i not can handle.

Your hardest problem and most expensive cost will be video hosting.

Check out your options. Ziggeo for example.

i would start with the free space of bubble.io
and see how it works