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Text Colour in Text Element

Hi guys - Just a quick question, my understanding (please correct if I am wrong!) is that method to change the colour of text in a text element is via the ‘Rich text editing’ which provides a number of pre-set colours. Is there any way to enter the Hexadecimal value for text here?

I mention as I note the colours of text in buttons can be changed in this manner (with a hexadecimal value).

Thanks again, Chris.

If you are the creator of the site, and you want to change the text color, you can do that in either the Styles panel or in the contextual menu (and this lets you use hex values.) For your users to edit text color, they’d have to use the rich text editor.

  1. Choose text element
  2. Choose any color in the rich text editing
  3. Type your HEX color code


Ah brillant, right in front of my eyes!

Thank you both! The screen recording was particularly useful.

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