Change color of single words in a text box

I am wondering if it is possible to change the color of singular words within a text box to make them stand out in a text. I wasn’t able to do it.

Assuming you’re referring to the Text visual element, you can change the color of singular words by using the Rich Text Editor. Just highlight the word(s) and click on the Font Color toolbar item and select your color.


Please let me know if this is the visual element you were referring to.

Yes that is perfect. I guess I missed it.

Thank you!!

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Hi, I have noticed when using the rich text editor, that the colors shown in your previous photo are the only current options I can see. Do you know if there is any way to utilize a color wheel or color codes when trying to perform this to find specific colors?

You can change the color in the BBCode when you close the editor to any hex value.

thank you!

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Is this also possible when a word is a specific word and when the user is writing in a RTE or MLI?


Does someone knows?

Hey, do you know if this is also possible for a dynamic Multilineinput?
What I want is, to change the colour of a single word when user types a hashtag before.

For example: I #love bubble (“love” should get another colour now)
I [color=#008080]love[/color] bubble