How to include a GROUP in the horizontal scrolling of a REPEATING GROUP

Hey bubblers! I can’t seem to find a way to have this group to be included in the scrolling of the repeating group.

I want it to be like in the real world Trello app like in the photo below:

Any tips from you guys :raised_hands::grin:? Thank you very much!

here is my bubble editor for reference of the elements tree

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Here is an illustration of what i want to achieve

If you would notice, the horizontal scrolling experience is not the same as the trello app, (see dotted lines in second picture)

I want to make the horizontal scrolling to include the add card group.

Just group the repeating group and the group in a row container. That’s it…!

Hey there @rohanjainneri ! thanks for the response!

The repeating group and the group is already in a row container (colored pink)… but then the scrollbar is not including the green group in the scrolling experience

You could disable the scrollbars.

I think I understand what you want to do. Your problem was once one of my problems. :sweat_smile:

The idea is to make a group (Group new-card) the last item in the list of items in the RG (RepeatingGroup Card), right?

It’s simple!

  • Include the “Group new-card” group inside your “RepeatingGroup Card” RG in the element tree below/after the “DropArea Card” element.
  • Add a conditional on the “Group new-card” group so that it is only visible if it is the last item in the RG RepeatingGroup Card item list.

Similar to this:
"Current cell’s index is RepeatingGroup Card’s List of Cards:count"
This element is visible :ballot_box_with_check: (check)

I hope I managed to express myself. This will help you, friend! Then tell me if it worked as you expected!

Health to you and success in your business.
Big hug!

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Hey! thanks for your idea! I will try this out soon if I find time since I’m too busy because I just got hired at my very first job! Thank you so much @tulioportela and the whole bubble community! :innocent:

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