Has anyone else worked with Codurly? Are they just a scam?

We hired @codurly to do a $200 project and payed them up front. They completed the smallest component of a 3 component project and then dropped off the radar for the last 5 weeks. I’ve tried reaching out many times (at least 5-10 times) via email, skype, and a direct message on this forum, but no response.

Has anyone else worked with them? Are they just a scam?


Just received a message from another Bubbler who said they experienced the same thing. I’ll leave them anonymous since I presume they’d reply here if they wanted it to be public. They paid $120, connected with @codurly on Skype for a call, and then never heard from them again.

Sounds like it’s a scam.

@emmanuel, does Bubble have a relationship with @codurly? If so, could you let them know they have (at least) 2 customers who would like a full refund?

We don’t have any relationship with them, they’re not partners or affiliated.


Hi! Sorry to here about that, hope you get your full refund with them.

If you after that experience are still interested into bubble development here is the page of our agency: http://bluflame.xyz , we can show you our previous portfolio and some testimonials of previous clients to give you some peace of mind. Also if you enter to our page and go to our blog, you will see how is the process that we apply to every project.

If even after that you’re still not sure about hiring another bubble development agency, you can reach me personally as well in here::slight_smile:


It is a platform that connects you with experts in the use of different tools and apps, in my specific case I’m an expert in bubble development and you can hire me for a fixed amount per minute and see in real time how I work with your project via webcam and/or share screen :slight_smile:

@jr_veg, thanks for the note.

We finished up that project ourselves a few weeks back so we’re all set for now.

We had spent $200 with @codurly to see if they were someone we’d want to work with in the future. So, while I suspect we lost that money for good, we did get a very clear answer to our question.

Over the years, I’ve worked with many contractors. Nearly all of them were highly capable, high integrity professionals. So, I have no concerns about hiring externally in the future.

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I wanted to publicly share the fact that @codurly refunded my money.

@codurly, I know the easy road is to stay quite and to not confront ones own mistakes. I’m glad to see you take the harder path on this. It says something great about your character. It shows quite clearly that your intent was never malicious and that due to circumstance or something else, in this one instance, things didn’t go to plan. Furthermore, I appreciate you making it right. Thanks.


I have purchased the premium OneSignal notification plugin (twice) from @codurly and not been able to get any responses to my emails (nor has the plugin been activated for my apps). Quite disappointing!

@dos How did you pay for the plugin? If you used a credit/debit card, depending what country you’re from you may be legally entitled to a chargeback refund from your bank as the product has been delivered not as described.

In the UK for example, one call to my bank and the charge would be refunded in full to my credit/debit card.