***Warning*** Bluflame (Rodrigo) is a scam

I just want to make sure that the community is aware to not do business with BluFlame.xyz as the “developer” Rodrigo is a complete scam artist. I paid him over $1,000 for an 8-day project (3 weeks ago) and he has disappeared and will not respond to any correspondence. He creates validation through the templates created along with being a “certified” bubble agency and then just steals your money.

Let me know if you have any questions and I would love it if he responds to this thread.


@Bluflame_Labs, care to comment? Sounds like you’ve got one very unhappy customer.

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Unfortunately, this is the world we live in now. If you paid with PayPal, I highly suggest opening a dispute and you’ll get your money back.

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Seams wierd the guy had a tonne of read time on the forum and has been a member for quite one time…
Had a similar thing happen on fiver but was nieve and in hind site it was pretty obvious the account was a fake

Yeah, he seemed legitimate. I filed a dispute with PayPal and it seems like at least I will get my money back. So, the only thing I lost was time trying to track this guy down. Hopefully, this post helps others to not contract with him.

By the way, I am sure he can see this so if he were smart he would join the conversation and try to correct this.

I bought a template from Bluflame but it doesn’t function correctly at all. Sadly, I have to ask for a refund.

Blueflame must refer to his self-made, posterior methane that he sells as production.


My experience with Rodrigo (last year) was equally weird. Started off great, achieved a lot in a couple of days. Then he started disappearing on me for days, then weeks at a time. The excuses were power cut (plausible), grandma has had a heart attack (less plausible) cut my fingertips over the weekend and cannot type (showed me gruesome pictures); earthquake in Mexico city, 2,000 miles from where he is in Monterrey, Mexico (less plausible); hurricane (plausible). I believed it all–until he just stopped responding to my requests for an update. He just dropped off the face of the earth without any explanation or apology.

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Is that for real??

Seen 48 minutes ago: http://forum.bubble.io/u/bluflame_labs

Why don’t answer?

I’ve been scammed on freelancer.com alot of scammers out there

In freelancer.com its impossible to get scammed because you don’t release the payment until you get the job done.

Ya but you can agree to pay upfront so we agreed that I would pay part of it up front and the rest when it’s done i trusted him

Agreed, freelancer.com is no good. Years ago I tried it out as a freelancer myself (not a client), and was scammed by a client. Worst few days ever. Their support team is a joke, too. Upwork has a pretty solid arbitration process (that I thankfully never had to use), but freelancer.com’s system was “we can’t hear you lalalala”

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UpWork claimed there is no need for Bubble Developers on their site, therefore www.bubble-expert.com


any updates from bluflame? Does anyone at bubble hold these developers accountable?

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Thanks for following up on this! It is very important to us that the Bubble community has a good experience on the marketplace.

We currently handle complaints about the marketplace on a case basis. If you have a specific issue with a plugin or template on the Bubble marketplace, please reach out to us at support@bubble.is and we will do our best to address it.